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Mystical Beginnings

Special People

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Special People of Mystical Beginnings



Patches and Magick Man
          Patches and Magicman have help Mystical Beginnings in so many ways. They made the cabin into what it is today, constucted the sanctuary, made our pentacle soap molds, take care of the lawn every week without fail, help with security, provide us with the huge tent each year (and put it up by themselves), attended spooner's birth. and made this main building workable for our store (plumbing, painting, electrical and many other deeds to numerous to mention here.)
Kindred Magick
          Kindred Magic has suported the store in many ways. He passes out flyers, visits other Pagans to tell them about Mystical Beginnings, and tries to purchase all of his craft supplies from us.
          Wychwolf has been very suportive. She tells as many as she can about us, and she visits Mystical Beginnings whenever she can.  Her personality has been a blessings to me several times over.
Corina and Dave
Corina and Dave have been true friends, and family to all of us at Mystical Beginnings. Their endless support has been ever so heartfelt, and we send our love and Blessings to these two wonderful and very special people.
          PinWheel has devoted many hours to Mystical Beginnings, and she has been very loyal at trying to keep it open as long as possible. She is a wonderful daughter and friend.
Corina, Darcie, and their family and Friends
     They have been so wonderful at trying to keep this store open with their devotion, friendship, and love. They have become so much like family, and I know they have purchased items from us, even when they had their own personal problems. They pass out flyers and they tell everyone they can about us.
Chris and Valerie
More People Will Be added Soon. I just ran out of time!