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Mystical Beginnings

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We hold our meetings within this very special, little Witches Cabin located at Mystical Beginnings.


About CovenCraft


Several years ago, I formed another Coven/Clan at Mystical Beginnings. Several selected people were invited to join. We had such a large response, that some had to be turned down. Now as I look back, I feel there was a need by many who wanted to be a part of a family of Witches such as CovenCraft offered.


Many Witches are solitaire for many reasons, but the main reason is that they feel uncomfortable around a group of people they do not know. Besides, most books you read today on the subjects of Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism mention such things as sky clad, ritual, and strange rules.


Covencraft is not Wicca. It is Witchcraft. We do not hold huge rituals, and dance around sky clad. Nor do we get drunk or use drugs. CovenCraft is a group of Witches who learn, study, eat, laugh, share, and do spell work together. There is nothing like being a part of a true family of Witches, once a  month. It is something you really look forward to.


Mystical Beginnings has heard many stories about other covens and the hurts, anger, and miss guidance was the end result. The Mega Witch of the century who wanted followers and admirers at their feet. This is sad, because this is not what Witchcraft is all about.  It is to bring joy, harmony and friendship mixed and stirred with a bit of magick.


So, we are now offering an opportunity for those who are solitaire, or otherwise, to participate in a family of Witches who call themselves a family clan, out of several clans.


Each clan will have five members who will meet once a month in the mystical Beginnings Witches Cottage. There will be a rotation each year, of a Clan Leader.  Coven dues are $5.00 per month, and remember, even if you cannot attend a meeting, you will still need to pay the monthly dues to the clan.


No malice, persecution, judgment, or harm either physically or mentally will be tolerated. This will be enforced by Lady Amethyst from the Mother Covencraft Clan.


Two or three times per year, all the clans will meet together to have a big celebration and reunion.


If this is an interest to you, please attend the meeting we will be having on Saturday, February 12 at 3:00pm, at Mystical Beginnings in Noel, MO. If you need or want more information you can contact Lady Amethyst either by phone, mail, or in person. Phone: (417) 475-3206 e-mail:  Mystical Beginnings Address: 20440 State Highway 59, Noel, MO 64854.


Blessed Be,

Lady Amethyst



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