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Mystical Beginnings Camp and Retreat

Would you like to have a membership to a very private place, away from everyday concerns? How about just feeling the God and Goddess everywhere? Rejuvinate with blessings and a bit of the mystical surrounding you when you visit Our Mystical Beginnings Metaphysical Camp and Retreat Center.

This Camp and Retreat Center is not for everyone. We want it to be a place of true "Perfect Love, and Perfect Trust." We do not tolerate Witch Wars, Malice, persecution, judgment, or harm verbally or physically to one another. This is a very private Camp and Retreat Center. It is not open to the public without secure membership.


This is where we hold our School of Ancient Knowledge, a library room, and a store where our students and guests can purchase craft supplies. We have candles, the finest incense, packaged dry herbs, books, Tumbled stones, oils, Bath & Body items, pendulums, handmade besoms, and many other items.



2005 Schedule

May 28 & 29
Woman's Psychic Camp
July 30 & 31
October 29 & 30
October Witch's Celebration


This is a picture of our little cabin that was built in 1860. It is made out of oak, and was the original homestead. It is very rustic, but charming. It is like being back in the days of old. This cabin is used for our personal meetings, such as Tea With the Crones. 


Here is a picture of our creek where you can pitch a tent and enjoy Nature's best. We do have a few ghosts, but don't worry, they are all friendly and very caring. When you come to visit Mystical Beginnings, ask to see their pictures. We had to take pictures when the storm on July 4, 2004 forced several trees to come uprooted. Guess what? There they were! Several Ghosts got into the pictures! Oh, and a gnome as well.

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May your stars always shine brightly, and twinkle forever!