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Mystical Beginnings Camp and Retreat

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Camp and Retreat Information

How To Be A Member

Life Time Membership
You can become a life time member, without any yearly club dues with a donation of $1000.00 dollars. This money will go towards cabins and other needs to enhance our Club and Resort.

One Year Membership
You can purchase a one year membership. The cost is $50.00 per year and this gives you discount camping, and access to our many resort packages.

History of Our Camp

As time went by, we realized that there was a great need to just relax and get in touch with Spirit. There are many Pagan offerings, but there are always so many worries, hurts, and feeders at such functions. We wanted a space where we could just be who we are and sharing ideas, friendship and knowledge without the "What tradition are you" attatudes of those who feel they are the Witch of the century. Love, peace, and the real path of the Craft is what made us want to offer our Mystical Beginnings Camp and Retreat Center.

Our Camp and Retreat Offers:

  • Camping by our beautiful creek.
  • Education in Magick, Natural Healing, and the Metaphysical
  • Music
  • Story Tellers
  • Healers
  • Readings
  • Special Speakers
  • Bluff Dwellers Cave
  • Old Spanish Treasure Cave
  • "The River" a resaurant and Lounge"
  • Gann's Total One Stop (for gas, snacks, and drinks)
  • The Red Barn (next door) a cold beer or two. (NO intoxication permitted)

May your stars always shine brightly, and twinkle forever!