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Mystical Beginnings

Is Mystical Beginnings Haunted?

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March 2005
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Join us for a fun filled spooktacular day, and find out for yourself!
Walk with us through a graveyard, and make headstone rubbings. Then learn a little about  the people that the rubbing reveals from their headstone.

Find out what a ghost is, how they became a ghost, and why they are a ghost. Get an insight of what they can really do, and can't do. Learn more about how they interact within our lives, and the important role they play within our world.

Enjoy a wonderful bowl of homemade vegetable and barley soup, served with a fresh baked yeast roll, and a cup of hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate. A piece of German chocolate cake will greet the ending of this delicious offering.

We’ll then provide a bonfire, where we will gather around and sit while you hear about the many ghosts who visit and live at Mystical Beginnings.

Top this wonderful evening off with a real Sťance lead by Lady Amethyst, for those who have their name drawn from the cauldron.

Its sure to be a great experience for all! And one you’ll never forget!

Cost to attend is only $20.00, so sign up today for a full day of learning, food, and fun!

This will be offered on Saturday, February 26 from 11:00 to 6:00 You need to register on or before February 5th in order to attend. Thank You and Blessed

You can register by paying with PayPal. We will then send you a comfirmation through e-mail. You will need to bring this with you when you
attend. You may also, stop by Mystical Beginnings and register there. Thank You.

Please note: The total cost for this activity is $20.00, but you will see on PayPal $14.00 plus $6.00 for shipping. The reason for this.... I cannot get Paypal to NOT charge shipping, so I just pt $14.00 plus the $6.00 which = $20.00.