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September 2004

This month was very strange, but very eye opening. I realized why so many people hide, and do not want others to know their relationship with Spirit. If they believe in the "Deeper things of God", well.... they may be crusified just as his only begotten son was crusified! That is a very scary thought!
No, christians do not burn people at the stake any longer, in most cases, because it is against the law. But, they certainly can cause your life to be without harmony, and if you have children, the only way to keep them safe, is to not  talk about your path to God to anyone, unless you wish to say, "I am a christian" then of course, you, your home, children, pets, loved ones, and friends will be just fine.
This month I encountered a christian who has visited our store in the past.  We call him the silent one. He always drives a motorcycle, and on his first visit, he looked around until he found our guest book. He grabbed it up, sat down and began to read through it. We no longer have a guest book out, because of this christian. We now keep all names, addresses, phone numbers, and so forth in our office.
This time, he walked around, went into our library room, (which is only for those who have a library card) and then said he was just at Mystical Beginnings to see what his wife was getting into. (Laugh)  He felt it necessary to LIE to justify what he was up to.
A woman visited Mystical Beginnings on Tuesday. What a very pretty lady, and such a happy personality. She brought me a letter she had written, saying God came to her in a dream and told about my pending death, because I was not a Christian. She informed me she was a prophet of God, a minister, a writer, and a (I think) a healer. She has been praying for me for five years now. I wonder what God thinks about her prayers to him about me? After all, God knows my heart and my relationship with Spirit. He knows that I do not judge, show malice towards others, or harm anyone in any way. He knows I have never so much as even had a parking ticket, never taken drugs of any sort, and have never caused harm to anyone knowingly, but yet, God told this woman, in a dream, that he feels I need to die of a heart attack? Gee... and I do not believe in death, but only everlasting life! So... what do I have to fear? Only these people, who call themselves Christians? I don't think so! God is the all knowing, not them, and if they feel stalking people, causing fear in people, and pointing their fingers at others is God's ways, then let them burn in the hell they have created, and fellowship with their Devil, because our Heavenly Father and Mother did not create such a place for their children. Only christians have, in order to control and enjoy their malice they overload on others. They can say I believe in a devil, but that is a lie. I do not believe in a devil. I am going to hell. I don't think so! They might like this place they created for others, but I will pass. I have a much better place that I intend to be. A place where I can enjoy friendship, love, family, laughter, and just sharing with Spirit.  No, christians will not be there, because they do not follow what Jesus had taught. Thy shall not judge. Thy shall love each other. Thy shall show kindness and understanding. Thy shall not kill. Thy shall perform all sorts of magick such as make blind people see, calm storms, get money out of a fish to pay taxes, take a fish and two loaves of bread and feed thousands, turn water into wine, walk on water, raise the dead, cure the sick, and minister to everyone. Christians, somewhere along the way have twisted all he taught, and now... if you do any of those things, you are a follower of the devil.  Nope. the last time I read the word of God, his name was not devil. It was Jesus Christ!